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Immunofluorescence by LED Fluorescence Microscope


High quality fluorescence microscope is essential to clinical indirect immunofluorescence diagnostic.Currently, a great amount of fluorescence microscope used at clinical labs are illuminating with mercury lamp. On purpose of improving working efficiency and diagnostic background, Micro-shot company launched a complete solution by LED fluorescence microscope imaging system, which is consist of LED epi-fluorescence microscope and digital camera with analysis software.

Compared to conventional mercury lamp, there are many advantages of LED lighting.We can get to know by below points

a.Specific LED excitation wavelength to excite fluorescence from sample more efficiency. And more friendly to users if without UV excitation.

b.50,000 hours long working life which is 250 times to traditional mercury. Extremely extend working life of microscopes to reduce experiment cost. But contain stable microscopy performance.

c.Real time using without preheating or cooling. Unique LED lighting system to make sure full power supply only it is power on. Open or close freely at any time.

d.More environment friendly without mercury leak, high safety performance, small volume and cold light illuminator is convenience to move.

e.No need of optical path adjustment.

f. Brightness controller can protect fluorescence quenching from exceed high temperature.

g.Available with portable power supplier convenience to use.

Indirect Immunofluorescence Required wavelength 

ModeLED lighting central wavelengthExcitation filterDichroic mirrorEmission filter
Blue (MF-B-LED)475nm  460-490nm>500nm>510nm

MSHOT LED Fluorescence Microscopy System 
When using indirect immunofluorescence to diagnose auto-antibody can achieve different fluorescence karyotype and performance.  MSHOT microscopy especially design and offer professional imaging system and solution for fluorescence diagnostic or observation. Take advantage of high resolution and clarity MSHOT digital cameras , users can acquire high contrast fluorescence photos for recording diagnosing result,typical case study, education, etc. 

Optional Digital Cameras for Fluorescence microscopy Imaging
ModeMain SpecificationsFeatures
MC20-N1.4MP color CCD camera, 2/3” Sony ICX285AQ CCDHigh sensitivity, low noise, fast, comparative to cooled camera 
MC201.4MP color CCD camera, 2/3"SONY ICX285 CCDHigh sensitivity to weak fluorescence
MC505.0MP color CCD camera, 2/3" Sony ICX282 Progressive Scan Interline CCDHigh resolution, cooling mode optional
MD50-T5.0MP color CMOS cameraHigh resolution, sensitivity, fast frame rate, USB2.0& USB3.0

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