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Fungal Infection By UV LED Fluorescent Microscopy


Fungi is a kind of eukaryote, in accordance with its growth characteristics and morphological differences, fungi can be simply divided into yeast, fungi and mushrooms (mushrooms). Which the human pathogenic fungi probably have more than 300 kinds, medically meaningful almost all fungi pathogenic fungi. According to the different body parts infringement, fungal infections clinically divided into superficial fungal infections and deep fungal infections. Which superficial fungal infections are fungal violations of human skin, hair and fingernail (toenail) disorders caused. Fungal infection is fungal violations of human mucosa, deep tissue and internal organs, and even cause systemic disseminated infection. Which is a fungal infection of severe infection, the mortality rate was 40% -90%. In recent years, the incidence of fungal diseases on the rise, especially for patients in intensive care wards and immunity, as well as defects in cancer patients, 8% of hospital infections caused by fungi. Therefore, early diagnosis of fungal infections, it's important to save  the patient's life. 

Identification of traditional laboratory methods include fungal infections morphological examination, culture + identification, serology, molecular biology examination and other methods, such as tissue pathology and imaging. The traditional detection is weakness at time-consuming, complicated process, and difficult to distinguish defects. New rapid detection method has great significance for clinical testing. The emergence of new fluorescence microscopy assay for rapid detection of fungi provides a new direction. Compared with the traditional detection methods, the new fluorescence microscopy method has the following advantages:  

1.High diagnostic yield: Fluorescein and β- polysaccharide from fungal cell wall conjugate after fluoresce in the proper light source excitation, getting high effect.

2.More easy to distinguish: big color difference of the fluorescent from dyed fungus to background color, thallus's venation is clearly visible and easily resolved. 

3.Simple and fast: just need a few simple steps to handle sample, then user can go with fluorescence microscopy, matched with a camera, it can keep the fluorescence images. 

Mshot launch self-developed UV-LED fluorescence microscopy and UV fluorescence module MF-UV-LED to support pre-clinical testing of infectious fungi. Except MSHOT microscopes, LED fluorescence module MF-UV-LED can match with Zeiss, leica, Olympus and Nikon microscopes, providing  convenient and affordable to those brand microscope users upgrading their microscope. Meanwhile, long life LED light source in real-time switching and stable output characteristics make it become the best light source for fluorescent microscopes. In addition, Mshot self-developed high-performance camera (CCD / CMOS), with excellent performance in the actual shooting in fluorescence imaging is widely acceptable by users. With the high-resolution, high-definition and high-sensitivity camera, enabling real-time capture of various clear fluorescence images to record test results and enjoy typical case discussions.

Main specifications of UV-LED fluorescence illumination

ColorExcitation filterDichroic mirrorEmission filterLED lighting central wavelength

Left:Mshot LED fluorescent microscope MF22
Right:Aspergillus fumigatus fluorescence

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