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Camera for Fluorescent Microscope - Dermatopathology


Camera for fluorescent microscope - dermatopathology

MSHOT High sensitivity CCD camera MC20 used on Leica fluorescent microscope DM1000 for dermatopathology


The clients is dermatology department of hospital at Hubei Province,their purpose is check and analyze skin patient. It requires a high cost effective microscope camera, which offer high performance bright field and fluorescent observation at the same time. Considering client’s actual needs, MSHOT company recommend solution by cooling CCD microscope camera MC20 to match with client’s Leica DM1000 fluorescent microscope to achieve the goal. The microscopy system well support bright field and fluorescent microscopy.


Cooling microscope camera MC20 + Leica DM1000 fluorescent microscope


Client’s Comments
MSHOT cooling CCD camera MC20 is a high cost effective microscope camera, offering high compatibility microscopy observation under both of bright field and fluorescent.

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