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LED Fluorescence Attachment Expand Client’s Microscope Rang...


LED fluorescence attachment expand client’s microscope range

Since our LED Epi-fluorescence attachment and LED fluorescence attachment for stereo microscope launched, attracted many customers’ attention. A customer (name won’t be mentioned as the customer’s required) who produces his own microscope brand and sells light microscopes for many years, find our product presentation on the internet, after visiting Micro-shot and testing the module, realized our single color LED fluorescence attachment MF-LED would have great market during his customers.

As people know, each brand microscope have different bayonet mount, when we find our stock fluorescence attachment cannot be installed on this customer’s microscopes directly, we asked a microscope sample and drawing from customer, customized the adapter for him. Till now, the fluorescence MF-LED attachment works well on customer’s infinite optical system microscopes, successfully help to expand the customer’s products range, launched his own brand fluorescence microscope.

After more than one year’s cooperation, this customer find some customers also need stereo fluorescence microscope. As the only Chinese manufacturer of LED fluorescence module for stereo microscope, we offered our solution, the new project is starting now.


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