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Inverted Fluorescence Microscope for Live Cell Imaging


Compound inverted fluorescence microscope for live cell imaging


Gingko Bio Technology offers professional laboratory solutions for universities and hospitals. During their routine working, scientist usually needs to cultivate different cells by clients' scientific research purpose or diagnostic requirement. A multifunctional microscope is necessary to their work. They have an old Zeiss microscope at their laboratory, with increasing requirement of life science projects. The old Zeiss microscope can not meet their needs any more. Scientists are asking for a compound microscope which can provide microscope solution of fluorescence, phase contrast and bright field at the same time.


MSHOT inverted fluorescence microscope MF53 is a professional fluorescence microscope special for live cell microscope imaging. The cultivated live cell sometime need to be observed under fluorescence, but sometimes should be under phase contrast. MF53 can totally satisfy it. By turnplate type filter cubes wheel, user is easy to choose different filter cube by their needs. Matched with a high sensitivity cooling microscope camera (MSHOT MC21-N CCD camera special for fluorescence microscope), it helps captured, save, analysis and share live cell cultivated result.

MSHOT MF53 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

MSHOT MC21-N cooling CCD camera

Live  cell fluorescence imaging

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