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Upgrading Zeiss Primo Star to Fluorescence Function


As is known to everyone, Carl Zeiss is one of the top optical lens manufacturers, its optical microscope is one of the best in the field of optical imaging. Carl Zeiss's classic microscope model- Primo Star is widely used in medical, scientific research and teaching, pathological study, etc.


However, Primo Star only for bright field observation, as normal biology, pathology research, cannot be applied to fluorescent observation. Fortunately, through unremitting efforts and research, we made a breakthrough, successfully developed LED fluorescence illuminator, which can be applied to infinity optical system microscopes.

There are MF-B-LED (blue excitation ), MF-G-LED (green excitation ) and MF-UV-LED (ultraviolet excitation) .


Primo Star and Mshot led fluorescence compound


Mshot LED fluorescence illuminator



Upper respiratory tract virus (blue excitation)


Pathological tissue


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