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CCD Camera MC50 Use in Fiber Research


Fiber is a natural or synthetic string,has the feature of large elasticity modulus, small plastic deformation, strong strength, or used as a component of composite materials, or, when matted into sheets, used to make products such as paper, papyrus, or felt.Fibers are often used in the manufacture of other materials. 

In the textile industry, fiber must be identified first, to ensure the accuracy of the use of fiber.  In recent years,with the development of microscopy techniques, digital microscope widely used in textile industry. Sometime ago, Mr.Wang, the researcher from Beijing Lunhua Science & Technology Co.,Ltd (the former is China Textile Academy), looking for a digital camera to work with Olympus CX31for fiber research. He find our Beijing Office, and chose the MC50.It allowed Mr.Wang to do the research on computer, and save the research pictures .

The research picture from Mr.Wang

CCD camera MC50

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