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Fluorescence Stereo Microscope by Zeiss


Fluorescence stereo microscope belongs to dissecting microscope. It is suitable for reflected light for bright field and also a fluorescence illuminator and filters for GFP,FITC, YFP,DAPI, DsRed (TRITC) etc. Many of large specimen (called as model organisam) such as fly embryos, zebrafish, wormc, mice, etc used to dissect and observed by the fluorescence stereo microscope.

To achieve a good performance, a high clarity stereo mciroscope with good depth of field is necessary. A whole fluorescence stereo microscope is always consist of one stereo mciroscope, one fluorescence illumination and one CCD camera with microscope analysis software. 

Zeiss stereo microscope can offers 3D image for viewers by its outstanding optical quality and design. MSHOT stereo fluorescence illumination  is well fit to Zeiss stereo microscope to make it to be fluorescence stereo. And with a MSHOT CCD camera with time lapse image acquisition software, the whole system can well meet laboratory study to model organisam.



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