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Ultraviolet Fluorescence Microscope Applications


Ultraviolet fluorescence microscope is a epi fluorescence with UV light source. It can excide objective by wavelength 330nm~400,450nm~490mnm in general. Since many microorganism such as bacteria, parasite, fungis,etc are autofluorescence or can be stained by DAPI fluorescent. The UV fluorescence microscope is widely used at diagnostic laboratory for quick diagnosis.

The autofluorescent objective is viewed appear blue or green against black color background under a UV fluorescence microscope. To have a clear looking sample, 400X magnification times is always recommended as below photo shows.

Sporulated oocyst of Sarcocystis sp. in a wet mount viewed under UV microscopy, magnification 400x.

IIF of Acanthamoeba sp. viewed under UV microscopy. This image was taken at 400x magnification.

Remark: the photos are come from American CDC website.

In the market, Zeiss i LED is the most popular LED fluorescence microscope for quick diagnostic. It combines modular LED fluorescent light source with Zeiss Primostar microscope to provide a high efficiency, cost effective laboratory working. 

Besides Zeiss iLED fluorescence microscope, users can choose specific UV fluorescence illumination combine with Zeiss PrimoStar to use. Micro-shot Technology company's MSHOT MF-UV-LED fluorescence illumination is well fit Primostar to acheive fluorescenc functional easily.

Zeiss Primostar microscope
MSHOT LED fluorescence illumination

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