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SBS Modified Asphalt Analysis under Fluorescence Microscope


Takes use of metal made culture to hold asphalt sample, it can be observed under microscope. Choose fluorescent microscope 100X objective, researched SBS modified asphalt's phase state. Under fluorescent microscope the modifier is clearly to be found, observer can how its quality by the distribution and if all materials are mixed well.

Why fluorescent microscope is fit to analysis modified asphalt?

Fluorescent microscope equipment short wavelength light to excite sample, UV excitation light (365nm).When the sample is excited by short light, it can reflect out a long wavelength which can be see by eyesight. Such as modifier, while asphalt can not be excited out. This characteristic is fit to fluorescent working conditions.As asphalt is non-transparent, an epi-fluorescent microscope is prefer. In order to avoid air in the asphalt disturb observing, take the sample slide to dry in baking machine for few seconds. The polymer is showing a yellow fluorescent color.

 Modified Asphalt under UV fluorescent microscope

UV fluorescent microscope MF30

UV fluorescent illumination MF-UV-LED

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