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Biomedical Application Microscope Imaging Analysis


Microscope camera is a basic imaging tool using together with optical microscopes. For biological microscope to research biological slides, tissues, pathology samples, etc which has high requirement on color reproduction, clarity and smart to use, users does not have experience usually confuse to pick out suitable microscope camera.

There are mistakes mostly happen, first of all, higher resolution equals to better clarity. Actually it is not true, one hand resolution not means effective resolution, one the other hand resolution
is considerable based on same quality imaging sensor. That means when use choose microscope camera, the key point is imaging sensor quality. About resolution, there are quite wide range resolution of microscope camera in the market from 3 megapixels to 20 megapixels. Most unexperienced users would like 20 megapixels, because its resolution quite high, it is lower risk to satisfy different sample microscope analysis. Here is a misunderstanding of high resolution. The super resolution has to sacrifice sensitivity, PC memory and speed. In another words, when you run a 20MP CMOS camera with routine biological microscope, you will find the image on PC is working slowly. That does not help on working efficiency.

A microscope camera around 6.3MP is good to use with biological microscope, considering clarity, resolution in details, colour and working speed. Here are two pathology sample images taken by MSHOT 6.3MP sCMOS camera and routine biological microscope.


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