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Extend Microscope Image Field of View


In order to improve the level of teaching and research, College of sciences would like to better help the 2017 Master graduate by biomedical project. The school of life sciences is one of the earliest specialized educational institutions for biology teachers in china. After many years of construction and development, the Institute has formed the Karst biodiversity and natural protection, Karst plant physiology, ecology and other characteristics of the research direction.

The Institute is currently using a Nikon stereo microscope to set up home made imaging system. In the study of insect individual and community analysis, insect samples are three-dimensional and about2mm in length. In the final paper, a clear picture of insects should be provided. The stereo microscope from the perspective of depth is not enough, only to get a clearer image of a focal plane, cannot display the whole individual details, which requires the imaging system software has good function and depth of field superposition.

To match with Nikon stereo microscope, the teachers chose MSHOT scientific grade camera MS60 after demonstration and comparing with other Chinese brand microscope cameras.

This is the first depth of field superposition taken by scientific grade camera MS60 and Nikon microscope:

Capture different depth of field Drosophila melanogaster image

After extended depth of field by MSHOT microscope camera MS60 imaging analysis software

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