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Mshot Microscope Camera Observe Mouse Adherent Cells


In order to improve medical and clinical standard, Shenzhen People’s Hospital arise higher requirement of observing mouse adherent cells. Depends on Dr.’s requirement, Micro-shot company recommend inverted biological microscope MI52 match with digital camera, research level digital microscope camera MSX2 12.5 megapixels.

The experiment requires to analysis mouse adherent cells during culture, the adherent cells grow and reproduce by autocrine and attachment factor in culture medium, hence, there is a high requirement of microscope imaging quality. Through communication and trying, the MF52 inverted biological microscope and MSX2 scientific microscope camera is favourable for the application. 

The MSX2 is MSHOT latest research super resolution camera, research level, adopts 1 inch high quality digital camera sensor and USB3.0 data port. Providing accurate color reproduction and high sensitivity to weak light, favourable to basal cells analysis, IHC, marrow cells analysis etc with high color distinguish purpose. Also excellent to bright field and dark field, phase contrast, polarizing, DIC and fluorescence microscope imaging line.

Cutting resolution half to 6.3 megapixels, improve speed of the camera working, while maintain vivid color and clarity. The solution is more cost effective to routine laboratory works.  6.3 megapixels microscope camera please consider MSHOT MS60 scientific camera.


MI52 inverted biological microscope with MS60 scientific camera


MI52 inverted biological microscope with MSX2 scientific camera

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