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Tuberculosis Laboratory Diagnostic Microscope


Sperm slide as a primary diagnostic method of tuberculosis is widely use in clinical labs. The sperm currently stained by Auramine O ( excitation peak at 455nm) and Ziehl–Neelsen. Auramine O can excited by blue light shows green signal.

Concern about quick diagnostic of tuberculosis slide, a safety and easy control microscope is required. The microscope develops from mercury lamp to LED lamp. Currently, LED fluorescence microscope is the most favourable tool considering safety, convenience and stale working.

Different from normal Blue LED light, Auramine O request changed blue LED light to excite, performance is different by different quality fitters. There is impurity in sperm, many of them shows extremely bright yellow and disturb real tuberculosis signal. Diagnosis result influenced by some factors, mostly depends on experiment experience.

Microscope as a primary tool offers exactly image is target. There are two ways to achieve the instrument. One is getting a new LED fluorescence microscope special design for tuberculosis sperm slide diagnosis. Another is upgrade biological microscope in labs to be a LED fluorescence microscope, considering LED fluorescence illumination.

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