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LED fluorescence microscope for TB diagnose


Sperm slide as a primary diagnostic method of tuberculosis is widely use in clinical labs. The sperm currently stained by Auramine O ( excitation peak at 455nm) and Ziehl–Neelsen. Auramine O staining shows green signal excited by specific blue light. On clinical working, a quick making sperm slide in spot has impurity in sperm, many of them shows extremely bright yellow light and disturb real tuberculosis signal. It confuses doctor, diagnosis result influenced by some factors, mostly depends on working experience.

Concern about quick diagnostic of tuberculosis slide, a safety and easy control microscope is required. Zeiss PrimoStar iLED is special for tuberculosis test, research and diagnosis,  it developed conventional fluorescence microscope illumination - mercury lamp to LED lamp. Currently, LED fluorescence microscope is the most favourable tool for tuberculosis quick diagnosis considering safety, convenience and stale working.

Based on the iLED, Mshot launched its own LED fluorescence microscope MF31 for tuberculosis, as a supplement cost effective solution to user and microscope reseller. What is more, the microscope fluorescence attachment can works with different brand microscope host including Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss. Customer is free to choose depends on budget.

Advantages of MF31 LED fluorescence microscope

* Modular design LED fluorescence attachment, one stop installation and use.

* High sufficient to confirmed fluorescence dyes, getting brighter fluorescence and light intensity controlable.

* Start and close the microscope at any time, no need preheating or cooling, helpful to laboratory work.

* Rapidly and easy switching between fluorescence excitation and bright field transmitted light

* Flexible change fluorescence illumination for more choice of fluorescein dyes

* Durable with high rigid body


Tuberculosis shown under Mshot LED fluorescence microscope 40X objective

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