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Research Drosophila by Stereo Fluorescence Microscope


Drosophila is one of routine model organism, researchers cultivates transgenosis drosophila by GFP protein stained to make them can be excited and recognized under fluorescence microscope.

There are some compaines and institutes offer service and already transgenosised drosophila, it makes reasearch more sufficient. While few countries such as China does not allow import non-indigenous organism out from the country. Most scientists have to cultivate the drosophilas by themselves.
To pick out well cultivated drosophila is important but fusy. To use a complex microscopy system is not convenience and sufficient. Considering working surroundings, the LED stereo fluorescence is quite suitable. Take advantage of the LED light, occupy samll space, open to use and no need to wait the illumination cool down. Easy to operate for any students without experience on fluorescence microscope. That increase lab working efficency much.

LED stereo fluorescence microscope set up and the drosophila image.

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