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Microspheres are small spherical bodies formed by dispersible drugs or adsorbed in polymer matrix. Due to the long release or targeting effect of microspheres, the microspheres can greatly enhance the convenience and compliance of the patients, and have highlighted their advantages in clinic. In recent years, it has become a hot spot in drug research and development. 

Conventional fluorescence microscope lighting with mercury lamp, the lamp working life is around 200 hours. Because physical feature of mercury,  it needs wait 30 minutes for preheating also cooling. To avoid limitation of mercury fluorescence microscope, Micro-shot company launch LED fluorescence microscope takes advantage of LED lamp, 10 thousand hours long working life, high brightness and cold.

The Electronic Engineering Department of the Southern University of science and technology observed the preparation of microspheres for drug research and development. Found inverted fluorescence microscope (MF52) with a scientific research level microscope camera MSX2 can observe the microspheres. They require analysis the microspheres in different ways, the MF52 microscope can offer three different observation method of bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence. in The fluorescence of the microspheres was clearly observed under the fluorescence, and the imaging quality was highly recognized.           

The inverted fluorescence microscope (MF52) is composed of the LED fluorescence illumination system and the inverted biological microscope, has an excellent infinite optical system, with a long working distance wide field objective and eyepiece. The compact and stable rigid body fully embodies the vibration prevention requirements of micromanipulation. The modular design concept, which can adjust the lighting system safely and quickly and easily switch the fluorescent filter attachment. It can be used in the microscopy observation of cell tissue and transparent liquid tissue, and can also be used in the field of biopharmaceutical, medical detection, disease prevention and other fields.

Microsphere under phase contrast

Microsphere under bright field

Microsphere under LED fluorescence

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