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UV fluorescence microscope for fungi diagnoses


LED fluorescence microscope is our advantaged development product, which featured with high brightness and long working life - over 10,000 hours. The traditional fluorescence microscope lighting with mercury lamp working life is around 200 hours, and it needs to wait preheating after power on, also the same after close and restart the microscope, that is inconvenience to microscope user. Microscope manufacture and seller have to spend much energy on after sales service. Those limited development of fluorescence microscope. The launch of LED fluorescence microscope bring change to this area, and bring market opportunity to fluorescence reagent companies. 

Mshot manufactured UV LED fluorescence microscope is high compatible to different brand microscope host contain Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss, and user can choose different Mshot LED fluorescence illumination and filters depends on their application needs and budget. Normally, there are fluorescence excitation groups in blue, green and UV, customize to user special needs is acceptable.


Fungi diagnose is one of the ideal application from LED fluorescence microscope, which takes use of UV excitation group. Hypha is a tubular single filamentous structure of fungi, also a structure of unrelated actinomycetes. Although it is the structural unit of most fungi, most of the mycelium of edible fungus is no poison. With the emergence of the mycelium in the field of medicine, the new market of fungi is gradually formed.


Clinically, pathogenic fungi can be classified into superficial fungi and deep fungi. Superficial fungi (tinea pedis) only infringe on skin, hair and finger (toe), while deep fungi can invade human skin, mucous membrane, deep tissue and viscera, and even cause systemic disseminated infection. The infection of deep fungi in the intestinal tract is characterized by fungal enteritis, which can exist independently, such as Candida infantile enteritis, or one of the manifestations of systemic fungal infection, such as AIDS with disseminated histoplasmosis. Mshot MF31 LED fluorescence microscope and MSX2 scientific level microscope camera is good for fungis fluorescence observation.

Direct checking under microscope is a primary diagnosis method of fungal examination, which on purpose to find mycelium and spores. Ordinary Gram staining is not specific, but fungi show character under fluorescence excitation wavelength at 380nm. Fluorescence microscope can improve specificity and bring more precise detection and judgement to doctors, and they can easily get accuracy report result for patient. At the same time, the operation is convenient and easy to learn.

Fungi gram stained under bright field microscope 100X objective

Fungi under LED fluorescence microscope 40X objective excited by UV


Hypha under led fluorescence microscope

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