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Leica DM500 DM750 Fluorescence Microscope


Leica DM500/DM750 is light microscope for education, biology, medical and life science. Leica DM500/DM750 fluorescence microscope upgrades Leica bright field microscope to LED fluorescence system, which has a compact LED fluorescence illumination offers single, two and three wavelength excitation.

The upgrading maintains Leica microscope construction and features, and considering easy and safety operation. LED fluorescence illumination is a compact unit eliminating pre-heating and cooling waiting period, no need to change bulb, and pre-centered, the LED has long working life over 5000 hours. That bring users easy and safety using experience. Build up and use a fluorescence microscope is no longer complex to new users.

Fluorescence options:
Blue LED - 460nm~490nm:  FITC/GFP
Royal blue LED- 420nm~480nm: Tuberculosis with Auramin O
Green LED- 510nm~530nm: 
Option 1 - PI, auto-fluorescence
Option 2: TRITC/mCherry/TexasRed/Rhodamine
UV LED -330~380nm: DAPI

Upgraded Leica LED fluorescence microscope applications:
Tuberculosis - Auramin O stained
Fungis - auto-fluorescence
Sperm slide - FITC /Rhodamine stained
Neuro slide - FITC /TRITC /DAPI stained
Cryptosporidium oocysts - Auto- fluorescence / FITC/DAPI

Upgraded Leica DM750 fluorescence microscope in binocular head_single color excitation

Upgraded Leica DM750 fluorescence microscope in trinocular head _ Single color excitation

Upgraded Leica DM750 fluorescence microscope _three color excitation

Upgraded Leica DM500 fluorescence microscope _single color excitation

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