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LED Fluorescence Microscope for TB Diagnosis


Diagnose Tuberculosis is the foundation of discover, cure and manage phthisic. Ziehl-Neelsen acid-fast bright field microscopy is the main diagnostic method especially in basic clinical laboratories. But this solution is in low sensitivity that can not found TB in real time. While traditional auramine O fluorescence microscopy has a higher sensitivity, but also expensive at the same time. The short life time mercury (200-300 h), dark room surrounding requirement leads this solution can not be widely used in clinical laboratories. Health providers for TB are expecting fast, accurate and low cost diagnostic technologies.

LED illumination perfectly combine with fluorescence microscopy brings LED fluorescence microscopy. Comparing with conventional fluorescence microscope, main advantages of LED fluorescence microscope are:
* 50,000 long working hours LED
* No warm-up or cooling requirement of light source
* Stable, energy saving, no pollution from mercury and without ultraviolet radiation
* Easy to operate and no need of dark room

With above benefits, in the year of 2010, WHO pointed LED fluorescence microscope to replace conventional fluorescence microscope and widely used in TB diagnostics.

To primary-level clinical labs, LED fluorescence microscope ( such as Zeiss Primostar iLED、Cyscope)is in high cost, it leads to the limitation of promoting LED fluorescence microscopy technology, while the come into being of LED fluorescence illuminator solve this issue perfectly. Combine with matched LED fluorescence illuminator with conventional infinity bright field microscope, the microscope can easily and cost-effective upgrade to high efficiency LED fluorescence microscope.There is no need for users to purchase a new fluorescence microscopy. The performance has been widely approved by clinical labs and markets. We can say LED fluorescence illumiantion series products have been offered a fast and high efficiency solution for TB diagnostics.

MSHOT LED fluorescence illumination MF-LED series, Royal blue excitation (mode MF-RB-LED) is excellent for TB diagnostics. Module in Royal blue matched with MSHOT plan achromatic microscope can get a quite well performance,except self-owned MSHOT microscopes, users can choose to match with higher end microscopes such as Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss. At the same time, MSHOT is available with professional digital cameras for immunofluorescence and fluorescence observation.With the camera in high clarity and light sensitivity, users can achieve real time multiple fluorescence and capture them on computer. It well help users to record diagnose result, study and share typical case.

Data sheet of MF-RB-LED for TB diagnostics

ModeLED lighting central wavelengthExcitation filterDichroic mirrorEmission filter
Royal Blue (MF-B-LED)450nm  420-480nm>500nm>510nm

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