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Microscope Digital Interactive Teaching System


Network and digital teaching help teacher and students have better study, the interactive teaching technology applied to microscope make student is easier to understand how to observe and analysis their sample, teacher can view and control all students operation result through teacher microscope. The digital interactive teaching microscope system can control 50 sets students’ microscope at one time max, each students microscope is connected a screen or it can say a all-in-one window PC, to see and control image on the screen, there is no need to buy computers with additional cost. What is more,teacher’s microscope can has higher specification and performance than students, it well satisfied teacher and students needs separately.

The teaching method of Mshot Microscope Digital Interactive Teaching System is an interactive network digital platform changes the traditional single teaching method of lecture and listening, allows students to participate more, provides students with more practical operation opportunities, and makes classroom teaching lively and active.           

Take an example, Guizhou Medical school installed Mshot Microscope Digital Interactive Teaching System with 35 sets microscopes. The system was purchased by Guizhou Anshun People's Hospital and Guizhou Medical University for undergraduate teaching experiment.

This microscope interactive teaching system is composed of Olympus CX23 biological microscope and Mshot MD28-W wifi screen camera with image software. It realizes microscope images between teachers and students at the same time under the wireless network environment and carries out teaching tasks.

Wireless interactive teaching system has been specially optimized for wireless network environment to achieve an excellent balance between response speed and image quality. Under the network environment, the interactive teaching system cooperates with the digital microscope to construct a smart classroom, integrates the functions of screen sharing, teaching examination and centralized control management, and completes the interactive teaching activities with teachers.

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