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Microscope Camera OEM - Japanese Client Visits MSHOT


For better support of MSHOT microscope camera sales and support. MSHOT launched new MSHOT imaging software with less bugs, more stable, accurate and easy to use.

Early this month, one of our Japanese clients visit us for their microscope camera OEM project. They have many microscope users come from hospital, laboratory, university, scientific institution and so on. Also the Japanese company have a strong wish to expand their business on this market, since there are rich resources. Focus on the end user and their shops, they need supplier has good quality products, strong skill and long term good support not only on products but also software and technical help.MSHOT meets all of their requirements.

During the visiting, Japanese company get a general knowing of how MSHOT keep their microscope camera in good quality. The technician team work situation. MSHOT team is always doing their best to service the clients. And help them to expand microscopy market.

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