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LED Fluorescent Illumination for Inverted Microscope


MI-BG-LED Fluorescent Illumination

It is a LED Epi-fluorescent illumination for inverted biological microscope upgrade to fluorescent. It is special with built-in color LEDs. With user friendly design of lightweight, small size and exquisite, it combine power adapter, filter cubes and optical components together in one unit. The MI-BG-LED LED fluorescent illumination can well matched with OLYMPUS CKX41 inverted microscope and MSHOT MF50 inverted microscope. To achieve fluorescent and bright filed observation by offering brighter and more clarity fluorescent imaging.





Click here to know more details of MI-BG-LED LED fluorescent illumination for inverted microscope




Mercury lamp +CKX41 20X  Fungas                                                            MI-BG-LED  + CKX41 20X Fungas



MI-BG-LED +CXK41  40X Fungas

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