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How Fluorescence Microscope work


Fluorescence microscopes including epi fluorescence microscope,inverted fluorescence microscope and stereo fluorescence microscope are in high performance for fluorescence observation,such as live cell, cell structure, calcium, magnesium, sodium, pH,enzymes and DAPI.

In general, a fluorescence microscope uses a mercury or xenon lamp to produce fluorescence.The light comes into the microscope and hits a dichroic mirror -- a mirror that reflects one range of wavelengths and allows another range to pass through. The dichroic mirror reflects the fluorescence light up to the specimen. The fluorescence light excites fluorescence within molecules in the specimen. The objective lens collects the fluorescent-wavelength light produced. This fluorescent light passes through the dichroic mirror and a barrier filter, making it to the eyepiece to form the image.

As Fluorescence Microscope Solutions, MSHOT self-developed fluorescence microscope illuminator built in with color LEDs is designed to upgrade traditional microscope to fluorescence microscope in a easy,safe and cost effective way. Blue, green and UV fluorescence illumination are available, fit to Olympus, Nikon , Leica , Zeiss.

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