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Mshot attend the 16th CISILE exhibition


It is the 16th CISILE exhibition hold at Beijing, China. It came over 200 companies to show including analysis and testing, optical technology, new material, life science, measurement and related lines. There are around ten microscope related companies got booth. Mshot is one of the most featured ones on the show this time.

Mshot took its LED fluorescence microscope system as main point, separately demonstrate fluorescence microscope for each routine laboratory application purpose, also microscope cameras suitable for each kind of microscope, users can learn the classify and know what is type microscope should be used for their sample.

The fluorescence microscopes Mshot show on booth
Upright LED fluorescence microscope MF31

Inverted LED fluorescence microscope MF52
Research level inverted fluorescence microscope MF53
LED stereofluorescence microscope MZX81

The microscope cameras Mshot show on booth
6.3MP sCMOS camera MS60 (best seller)
12.5MP sCMOS camera MSX2 (high resolution)
2.3MP sCMOS camera MS23(for weak fluorescence)
5.0MP sCMOS camera MS55-S (latest product)
16.0MP CMOS camera MDX6-T

Different with previous exhibition Mshot attend, it focus on LED fluorescence on booth. While visitors number increased much compare to last year, it is a good signal that Mshot got more and more people attention on its technology of microscope on fluorescence and pathology. Besides domestic visitors, overseas friends from other some other Asia countries, Europe and also South America come to visit at booth.

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