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Over view of Laser World of Photonics China


Shanghai is looked as one of the most modernization city in China also to the world. With Chinese industry development, Laser world of Photonics China became the high technology show leader. Optical components and technology acts as a small part of the show, while gather almost all leader optical companies and institutes to come, from life science to machine vision and industry. Visitors can find new things at there.

As a big international show, exhibitors wish to well demonstrate their new technology and positive spirit. Mshot brought LED fluorescence microscopes, high end microscope cameras and other components and attachment on purpose to share information. Different with conference or laboratory instruments fair, visitors comes from different line and focus on different application.

Microscopes show in below image

MF52 LED inverted fluorescence microscope

MF31 LED upright fluorescence microscope

Camera used for fluorescence imaging

MS60 sCMOS microscope camera for strong fluorescence

MS23 sCMOS microscope camera for weak fluorescence

There was another small product ‘ hot stage’ it called at China occupied people attention, which can keep machine in low warm temperature from 0℃~50℃. Mshot is trying to bring fruitful self designed product to optical microscope users.

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