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Mshot Participated in Silkworm Technical Seminar


Mshot got the honor to participate the seminar held by Chinese Ministry of Agriculture on 10 June. There are agriculture officers and professors from 14 countries like Czech republic, Pakistan, Chile, Cuba, South Africa etc. Mshot brought with LED biological fluorescence microscope, and deep cooled microscope camera MC21 to the seminar. 

The fluorescence microscope and microscope camera are used to do live demonstration for Nosema bombycis. Because normal microscope can not distinguish the impurity stuff, but by dying fluorescence you can easily to find your target in the fluorescence microscope.

During the technology communication seminar, the professor emphasized our LED fluorescent microscope application in silkworm research. His introduction began with a sample.

1. Firstly, to put a slide of non-dyed sample, then we can see the pure spore is swimming in a liquid form though not clear in the projector through the microscope bright field matching with microscope camera MC21.

2. Exchange with the non-dyed but non-pure spore slide, then we can not distinct the living or dead spores and other impurities in the bright field.

3. Exchange with the dyeing silde, and observe with Msho s deep cool microscope camera MC21, the elliptic mobile spores cane seen obviously.


Seminar site  

South China Agricultural University

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