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MI-BG(U)-LED | Inverted Fluorescence Illuminator

MI-BGU-LED is a fluorescence illuminator in LED light source, it is used to upgrade inverted biological microscope to fluorescence microscope. Special with built-in color LED lamps and modual design, MI-BGUV-LED is well fit to Olympus CKX41 and Olympus CKX53 inverted microscope for live cell. On purpose of user friendly , the products is lightweight and small volume. Combine light source, filter sets in one unit.



Advantages :

  • It provides users brighter and pure fluorescence vision.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Start to use and close, no time waiting, improving working efficiency.
  • Less heat dispassion to influence sample.
  • No mercury hamrful an less UV harmful to human.
  • Users can get nice experience when it match to Olympus CKX41, CKX53.

Parameters :

Blue LED wavelength

EF 480/40nm; DM LP505nm; EM LP520nm

Green LED wavelength

EF 530/40nm; DM LP570nm; EM LP590nm

UV LED wavelength

EF 350/50nm ; DM LP400nm; EM LP425nm

Light source

3W LED lamp

Support observation mode

Bright field, fluorescent

Filter cube transfer

Pull-push at four positions

( Blue, green, UV and bright field)

Brightness adjustment

Continuous adjustment

Input power

DC 4.2V 2A

Matched microscope

Olympus CKX41 / CKX53

Optional filters:

GFP band pass: EF 480/30nm; M LP505nm; EM 535/40nm

G band pass: EF 540/25nm; DM LP565nm; EM 605/55nm

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