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MF31 | LED epi Fluorescence Microscope

MF31 LED Fluorescence Microscope


MF31 fluorescence microscope brings you a vivid full-range view and very high contrast fluorescence imaging by adopting excellent quality infinity optical system combined with blue LED fluorescence illuminators. Meanwhile, it will increase the samples' visibility and contrast in the bright field with Abbe condenser. With excellent imaging performance and east to operate, MF31 having been widely applied in the area of Medical diagnostic, teaching & researching, and biological research etc.







Parameters :



Optical system

Infinity optical system

Observation tube

Trinocular tube, triple lever

30°inclined; Pupil distance 53~75mm



Fluorescence illumination system

3W blue LED

EF:420-480nm /DM:500nmlP /BF:510nmlp


Quadruple nosepiece with backward

Infinity plan Achromatic objective


10x/0.25 W.D.=7.5mm

40x/0.65 W.D.=0.65mm

100x/1.25 W.D.=0.185mm

Mechanical stage

Double layer moving stage, Graphene surface, Sizes: 210x140mm; moving range:76x50mm

Focusing system

Fine and coarse adjustment with tension and limited stopper, 2um scale, coarse adjustment circle moving range 40mm, fine adjusting circle moving range 0.2mm

Total moving range: 24mm

Abbe Condenser

NA.1.25, Built-in aperture diaphragm

Transmission Illumination system

5W white LED , brightness adjustable

Camera interface

0.5x C-mount

Operating environment

Temperature: 5~40℃(41~104°F), Max. Relative humidity 80%, 31℃

Power Source

AC, 100-240V, 50~60Hz

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