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MF52 | Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope MF52

Inverted fluorescence microscope MF52 is constituted by inverted phase contrast microscope system and epi-fluorescence microscope system. The LED light source as epi fluorescence illumination is high efficiency and safety for routine laboratory work.

The swing-in and swing-out type condenser system can achieve doing non-contaminated cultured cells observation in the high culture dish or in the cylindrical flask. Its modularity design concept of epi-fluorescent micro system makes it can be easily and safety adjusted the illumination system and switched the fluorescent filter groups. MF52 is widely applicable to do micro observation of cells tissue and transparent liquid tissue as well as to do the fluorescence microscope observation of bio-pharmaceutical, medical testing and disease prevention,etc.




Parameters :

EyepieceWide field WF10X(field number:Φ22mm)
Centering telescope
Infinity plan achromatic objectiveObjectivePLL 10X0.25 Work distance:4.3 mm
PLL 40X0.60 Work distance:3.5 mm
Phase Contrast ObjectivePLL 10X0.25 PHP2 Work distance:4.3 mm
PLL 20X0.40 PHP2 Work distance:8.0 mm
Observation tube45˚ inclined, interpupillary distance 53~75mm.
Epi-fluorescence illumination system12V/2A cold LED light source, brightness continously adjustable 
3W LED lamp
Slider transfer fluorescent filter group
UV filter group, excitation filter 330nm~380nm, emission filter 425nm
Blue filter group, excitation wavelength 460nm~490nm, emission filter 515nmnm
Green filter group, excitation wavelength 510nm~590nm, emission filter 590nm
Focus systemCoaxial coarse/fine focus, with tension adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing is 2μm.
NosepieceQuintuple nosepiece
StageFixed stage overall size is 227mmX208mm
Glass rotundity stage overall size is Ф118mm * 3mm, inner size is Ф68mm * 1mm
Mechanical moving device, moving range is 77mm (longitudinal)X114mm (transverse)
Culture dish holder 1Inside locating slot size: 86mm (W)X129.5mm (L), optional with a circular culture dish Ф87.5mm
Culture dish holder 2Inside locating slot size: 34mm (W)X77.5mm (L), optional with a circular culture dish Ф68.5mm
Culture dish holder 3Inside locating slot size:57mm (W)X82mm (L)
Transmitted illumination systemSlider phase contrast condenser, working distance is 55mm
White LED lamp with brightness continously adjustable 
Green filter

MF52 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Optional accessories:

Eyepiece10X Wide-angle graduated eyepiece(FN:22mm) 0.10mm/Div
ObjectiveInfinity plan achromatic objective PL 5X/0.12 W.D26.1
NosepieceSextuple (Fixed nosepiece with backward inclined)

Epi-fluorescence illumination system

100W mercury lamp

CCD adapter0.65X
0.5Xwith dividing 0.1mm/Div

Optional Microscope Cameras for Fluorescence Microscope Imaging
ModeMain SpecificationsFeatures
MC20-N1.4MP color CCD camera, 2/3” Sony ICX285AQ CCDHigh sensitivity, low noise, fast, comparative to cooled camera 
MC251.4MP color CCD camera, 2/3"Sony ICX285 CCDHigh sensitivity to weak fluorescence
MS232.3MP sCMOS camera, 1/1.2" Scientific camera sensorHigh sensitivity, low noise, bigger field of view

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