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Digital metallurgical microscope ME31 

 ME31 is consists of infinity optical metallurgical microscope in reflective & transmitted illumination and 5 megapixels digital camera. It’s a perfect combination of optical microscope and digital imaging system. Users can not only do observation through eyepiece, but also can view real-time observation dynamic images on the PC screen as well as edit, save and print the images. 

Digital metallurgical microscope ME31 is applicable to electron, metallurgy, mineral, precision engineering, chemical engineering and instrument and meters. ME31 is widely used in the observation of transparent, sub-transparent and non-transparent objects such as integrated package, PC board, liquid crystal panel, membrane, fiber, textile, painted coat and other non-metal materials. This microscope can also be used in fields of medicine, agriculture and forestry, forensic, schools and scientific research department, etc. 

This instrument is equipped with stage, epi-illuminator, plan achromatic objective, wide field eyepiece, polarizing device and 5 megapixels digital camera.

Parameters :


Wide field eyepiece 10 x (Φ18mm)


Plan achromatic objective PLL5X/0.12 WD 18.3 (without cover glass )

Plan achromatic objective PLL10X/0.25 WD 8.9 (without cover glass )

Plan achromatic objective PLL40X/0.60 WD3.7 (without cover glass )

Plan achromatic objective PLL60X/0.75(spring) WD 0.26 (without cover glass )

Observation tube

Trinocular, rotary-type,30° inclined with analyzer


Mechanical stage, size: 160mmX140mm, move range: 50mmX75mm


Quintuple ( Fixed nosepiece with backward inclined)

Digital camera

Static 5 mega pixel, resolution 2592x1944


Illumination system

6V 20W halogen bulb (adjustable) and polarizer slide

Image Software

MSHOT Digital microscope imaging software

Software Function

Image preview, capture, measurement, calibration, record video, auto white balance, auto exposure Image adjustment of color, brightness, hue and etc.

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