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DIC Metallurgical Microscope MJ33-DIC

Differential interference contrast metallurgical microscope MJ33-DIC is applicable to micro observation for various kinds of objects. This instrument is equipped with Epi-DIC attachment and transmission illumination system,infinity plan achromatic long working distance objectives, wide field eyepiece and built-in polarization observation device. With the features of image sharpness, good contrast and easy operation, MJ33-DIC is an ideal instrument for the research of metallurgy, mineralogy, precision engineering and electronics.

Features of MJ33-DIC Metallurgical Microscope:

Parameters :


Wide field WF10X(field number: Φ 18mm) 


Infinity plan achromatic long working distance (no cover glass)

PL L5X/0.12 Work distance:26.1 mm

PL L10X/0.25 Work distance:20.2 mm

PL L20X/0.40 Work distance:8.8 mm

PL L40X/0.60 (spring) Work distance:3.98 mm

DIC observation system

10XDIC push-pull group

20XDIC push-pull group

Eyepiece tube

Trinocular / binocular,  30°inclined

Epi- illumination system

12V 50W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable

Built-in field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm and (Y,B,G, ground glass) switching device, push-pull type analyzer and polarizer.

Focus system

Built-in field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm and filter switching device. Push-pull type analyzer and polarizer


Quintuple (Fixed nosepiece with backward inclined)


Double layer mechanical movable (size: 210mm*140mm, moving range: 75mm*50mm)

Transmitted illumination system

Abbe condenser NA. 1.25 up and down adjustable

Blue filter and frosted glass

Condenser for halogen lamp illumination and built-in field diaphragm

12V 30W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable

MJ33 DIC metallurgical microscope optional accessories


Infinity long working distance plan achromatic bright/dark field lens (no cover glass)

PL L50X/0.70(spring) W.D:3.68mm

PL L60X/0.75(spring) W.D:1.22 mm

PL L80X/0.80(spring) W.D:1.25 mm

PL L100X/0.85(dry spring) W.D:0.40mm


Graduated 10X(FNΦ18mm) 0.10mm/div


Green filter

Yellow filter


Quadruple(backward ball bearing inner locating)

Microscope camera

MC 56/50/20/15(CCD camera

MD 90/50/30/50-T(CMOS camera)

CCD adapter



0.5X with graduated scale, scale unit 0.1mm/case

Digital cameras

MC15/MC20/MC30/MC50MC CCD digital cameras

MDX4/MD30/MD50/MD90 CMOS digital cameras

Camera adapter


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