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H-150丨Cold Fiber Light for Microscope

H-150 Cold Fiber Light for Microscope

H Series fiber light source is a kind of cold light for microscope illumination. It controls by switching power supply. H-150 has the characteristics of small, light weight and high efficiency. The long term regulated output makes the halogen work stably with a long working life. The slow start measure is good to protect the halogen lamp and the power supply. When there is malfunction, the cold light source will automatically enter the protected status to prevent safety problems.

Equipped with filter, can get light in different color temperature easily, the output light color temperature can be increased up to 5600k.
Adopts high speed fan, reasonable duct and insulation design, fully discharge the heat inside the machine and makes the outer surface of the cold light source in a relative low temperature status.

Parameters :

Speciation of cold fiber light source H-150


AC120V/60Hz 230V/50Hz

Lamp bulb

OSRAM/PHILIP 21V 150W halogen lamp

Color temperature

3200K different color temperature filter can be chosen(3000-6500K)


Continuous dimming


L*W*H: 220*193*112mm

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