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C-mount Adapter in 0.63X & 0.5X

C-mout Adapters for Microscopes 

Beside the common microscope 1X C-mount adapter,there are two kinds adapters 0.5X and 0.63X for your choice. The selection of adapter is closely related to an important parameter-field number. 

Field number (FN) is the field diameter(mm) of field observed through the eyepiece. The actual circular region diameter of the specimen can be observed under the microscope is called object field. Object field = FN/objective lens magnification. Because the diameter of human eye is about one inch (25.4mm), the objective FN has 18,20,22,26.5, etc.

However, the camera sensor size is generally 1/3 inches and 1/2 inches, so the field of view is smaller than the eyepiece observation. This cause the problem of the image captured by camera is smaller than the eyepiece view. To deal with problem, we have 0.5X and 0.63X C-mount. Through 0.5X C-mount, the image captured by camera minifies to 1/2, equivalent 1 inch*0.5=1/2 inch. Under this situation, the size of image captured by the 1/2 inch sensor is similar to the size view through the eyepiece. 

Olympus 0.35X C-mount adapters

C-mount Adapters

 At present, many digital adapter manufactures only consider the imaging relationship but ignore the factors of chromatic, aberration, field curvature and distortion,etc. Thus, the images will have many problems such as color edge caused by non-calibrated aberration, middle clear but edge blur caused by non plan field correction and bent straight line caused by field curvature.

The images captured are mainly for measurement, but the problems mentioned above will have big effect to the measure, especially when doing high magnification measurement.

 Picture of MSHOT, OLYMPUS, NIKON, LEICA, ZEISS, SONY and CANON microscope C-mount adapters

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