Stereo-fluorescence microscope MZX80
Entry level stereo-fluorescence microscope MZX80

MZX80 is a usable stereo-fluorescence microscope. Coaxial illuminating offers even reflected fluorescence lighting to specimen. With same functions as professional stereo-fluorescence microscope, and same feature stereo-fluorescence attachment. The system is workable for entry level stereo-fluorescence applications and educational purpose.


  • Reflected fluorescence unit with coaxial illumination allows clear,bright observation

  • Zoom radio 8:1 and magnification range 6.5X-50X, working distance is 80mm.

  • Modular designed fluorescence attachment eliminates extra lamp house and power supply, easy to use and maintain.

  • Cold LED lighting greatly reduces the damage of heat conduction to living specimens.

  • Excitation wavelength 380nm-420nm, 460nm-490nm,510nm-550nm, 540nm-580nm are optional.


  • Trans-gene biology study, such as GFP labeled modern organism (laboratory animals and plants). 

  • Agriculture economy plants such as seed screening and analysis.

  •  Material science and criminal justice such as stamp and signature identification. 

  • Petroleum and rock mineral study.

Eyepiece WF10X/20
Observation tube Lead-free Interpupillary distance adjustable range: 50 to 76 mm, diopter is adjustable
Zoom body Zoom radio value 8:1 (0.62x to 5.0x), magnification range 6.2X-50X
Zoom magnification indication 0.62, 0.8, 1, 1.25, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5
Objectives Plan achromat objective 1X, working distance 80mm
Epi-fluorescence illumination system Turret accommodates maximum triple filter block cubes 
Blue and Green filters
Blue excitation group: 6W LED lighting
Green excitation group: 12W LED lighting
Input power DC 12V 2A
Filter units Wavelength
Blue (B) EX475/40nm,DM505nm,EM525/45nm
Green (G) EX530/40nm,DM570nm,EM590nmLP
Optional fluorescence lighting Yellow(Y):10W LED lighting, EX560/40nm,DM600nm,EM610nmLP
Violet(V):6W LED lighting: EX400/40nm,DM430nm,EM460nmLP
Stand Column length 365mm
MZX80-2 standard base

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