Metallurgical microscope MJ22

MJ22 metallurgical microscope is a upright microscope and applies to the microscopic observation of non-transparent or transparent objects. This instrument is equipped with reflective illumination and transmitted illumination system, plan achromatic objectives in  long working distance , wide field eyepieces and built-in polarization observation device. With the features of high image sharpness, good contrast and easy operation, MJ22 is an ideal instrument for the research of biology, metallography, mineralogy, precision engineering and electronics. It is widely used in universities, research institutions, factories and other sections.


  • Equipped with plan achromatic long working distance objectives( (no cover glass) in wide and clear field.

  • Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, tensional adjustable, with adjustment limit stop, minimum graduation in fine movement: 2μm.

  • Equipped with two illumination system in epi-illumination and transmitted illumination, can do microscopic observation for non-transparent specimen and transparent specimen. 

  • 6V 20W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable.

  • Trinocular, can switch to normal observation or to polarization observation,  100% light passed for photography .

Eyepiece Wide field 10X(Φ 18mm)
Objective Plan achromatic(no cover glass) PL5X/0.12 long working distance
Plan achromatic(no cover glass) PL10X/0.25 long working distance
Plan achromatic(no cover glass) PL 40X/0.60 long working distance
Plan achromatic(no cover glass) PL 60X/0.75 (spring) long working distance
Eyepiece tube Trinocular, inclined 30° (built-in polarizer )
Epi-illumination system 6V 20w, halogen lamp, adjustable brightness
With field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm, analyzer, (yellow, blue, green filters and frosted filter)
Focus system Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable and limit stop, minimum graduation in fine movement: 2μm.
Stage Double layer mechanical ( Size: 185mmX140mm, moving range: 75mmX50mm)
Nosepiece Quadruple fixed nosepiece with inward tilt
Transmitted illumination unit Abbe condenser NA. 1.25 rack & pinion adjustable
Blue filter and frosted filter
Condenser for halogen lamp
6V 20w halogen lamp, adjustable control.
Adapter 1X C-mount adapter

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