6.3MP USB3.0 CMOS camera MD60
6.3MP USB3.0 CMOS camera MD60

MD60 microscope camera takes use of high performance imaging sensor, special optimization for microscope imaging, accurate reproduction observation target fine structure and real color, takes use of USB3.0 data port, working smooth under full 6.0 megapixels. It highly improved image capture efficiency and ideal applied to pathology, metallurgical analysis, stereo observation and other usual microscope applications. 


  • 6.3 megapixels high resolution camera

  • Sensor of 1/1.8 inch

  • Good light sensitivity

  • High speed 30fps under full resolution

  • Deep optimize for pathology diagnose imaging

Item MD60
Effective resolution 6.0 megapixels
Sensor size 1/1.8"
Pixel size 2.4μm×2.4μm
Resolution and frame rate Resolution Frame rate
3072×2048 30 FPS
1536×1024(BIN2) 30 FPS
1920×1080(ROI) 30 FPS
Any size ROI
Scanning mode Continuous/ progressive
Shutter type Electronic shutter
Exposure time 41μs16s
Effective gain 18X
Spectral response 380650nm
A/D convert 12bit
Image cache 64Mb
Exposure function Manual / Auto / Zone
White balance Auto / One-push / zone
Image format TIF, BMP,JPG,RAW
Software data port DirectShow / TWAIN
Operating system Windows XP 32bit, Windows 7/8/10 32/64bit.
Data port USB3.0 B type5Gb/s
Camera port C-mount
Power supply USB 5V
Working surrounding Temperature:050, humidity:10%90%RHnon-condensing 
Size Ø76×48.7mm

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