Mshot Stereo Microscope for Throat Test Paper Cotton Swab Detection
release time:2022-02-09

Mshot Stereo Microscope for Throat Test Paper Cotton Swab Detection

      Throat swab test is a medical test method. A small amount of secretions are taken from the pharynx of the human body with a medical cotton swab, inoculated in a special petri dish, and then placed in a temperature-controlled device for culture. Through this test, people can understand the patient's condition, oral mucosa and pharyngeal infection. The quality of pharyngeal test paper cotton swabs has a great influence on the collection. The production of pharyngeal test paper cotton swabs can be observed with a stereo microscope.

      Zoom stereo microscope MZ62 adopts optical system design, showing excellent resolution and true color, ergonomic design and durable body parts, stable and reliable for long-term use.

Imaging effect

MZ62 1.jpg

MZ62 2.jpg

Throat test paper cotton swab in MZ62

         MZ62 adopts ultra-thin transmission and reflection LED light source, with uniform illumination, long life and durability. It is an ideal tool for high-precision observation fields such as routine biomedical testing, scientific research and industrial testing.

MZ62 3.jpg

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