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Guangzhou Micro-shot Optical Technology Co., Ltd researches and develops optical microscopes and microscopy imaging systems, self-owned Chinese brand MSHOT and Singapore brand MICROSHOT, and manufacture qualified optical microscopes and attachments. With eager to develop business, we are looking for optical microscope distributors worldwide especially Sotheast Asia area.

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Chinese brand                                          Singapore brand

The company is the member of the optical branch of the instrumentation industry association in China. And it has registered Singapore company (MICROSHOT TECHNOLOGY PTE.LTD.) to support Southeast Asia business. Since its establishment from year 2003, it has been engaged in the R&D fluorescence microscope, microscope cameras and imaging, LED light source and other attachments to meet microscopy user needs. The company has been built up technical collaboration with Olympus of Southeastern China, and being the third party supplier to Olympus microscope distributors. 

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Main products line

•Biological microscope, inverted microscope, fluorescence microscope, polarizing microscope, metallurgical microscope,stereo microscope

•Microscope camera, C-mount adapter, microscope imaging software

•LED fluorescence illuminator, broad-spectrum LED light source

•Heating stage & thermal plate

Main customer groups

Institutes of bio-science and life sicence, university lab and school, scienctific research center, hospital and clinical center, medical industry company, reagent manufacture, microscope distributor

Application fields with advantages

•Bio-science, fife sicence, in vitro diagnosis, scientific research, live cell

•Clinical laboratory, pathology, hematology, histology, FISH, tuberculosis, skin fungis, immunofluoescence

•Model organism, trans-gene (animal and plant), embryo

•Pharmaceuticals, drug testing, virus check

•Geology, material analysis, metallography, electronic components


Year of 2003
Head office & Branch
China & Singapore
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After-sale Service

MSHOT products provide 1 year free warranty and lifetime support. Promise to respond within 24 hours of working day, providing remote online support, operation instructions and video guidance. Headquartered in Guangzhou, the company has distributors and cooperators covering all continents and continues to expand. Relying on professional technology and high-quality service, the company has established a good cooperative relationship with customers. In terms of market expansion, the company will improve and strengthen the construction of customer service network, strengthen the long-term cooperative relationship with existing customers, and continue to establish branches across the country, so as to achieve solid business accumulation and deep market network coverage.

After-sale Service
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