MICRO-SHOT researches and develops optical microscopes and microscopy imaging systems, self-owned brand MSHOT, and manufacture medical qualified microscopes. The company is the member of the Optical Branch of the Instrumentation Industry Association in China.

Since its establishment from year 2003, it has been engaged in the R&D microscope cameras and LED fluorescence microscopes, meanwhile developed LED inverted fluorescence microscope and broad-spectrum LED illuminator to meet microscopy user needs. MICRO-SHOT designed ‘Digital Stereo Fluorescence Microscope’ and ‘Intelligent Digital Inverted Fluorescence Microscope’ achieved support of National Innovation Fund, and won the ‘Advanced Manufacturing Industry Award’ in the China Innovation Competition. The company has always insisted on integrity management and dedicated service, brand MSHOT keeps sound reputation and business steady expand.

Microscopy is necessary to scientific research, life health, and intelligent manufacturing. The output of Chinese manufactured micro-imaging products is the highest in the world, but high-end items are basically monopolized by high innovative country brands. Improve tech is a common task of MICRO-SHOT and Chinese counterparts, with over decade of work, the company has won foundation to invest high-end microscope design. MICRO-SHOT future working vision is intelligent and motorizing microscopy. 

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Year of 2003
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MSHOT products provide 1 year free warranty and lifetime support. Promise to respond within 24 hours of working day, providing remote online support, operation instructions and video guidance. Headquartered in Guangzhou, the company has distributors and cooperators covering all continents and continues to expand. Relying on professional technology and high-quality service, the company has established a good cooperative relationship with customers. In terms of market expansion, the company will improve and strengthen the construction of customer service network, strengthen the long-term cooperative relationship with existing customers, and continue to establish branches across the country, so as to achieve solid business accumulation and deep market network coverage.

After-sale Service
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