2.3MP Microscope camera MS23 /MS23-H
High sensitivity 2.3MP CMOS camera MS23/MS23-H

MS23/M23-H is a scientific CMOS camera development by MSHOT. It adopts large area Sony sensor in high quality. Equipment with USB3.0 data port, it offers wide field view, high sensitivity, high dynamic range and high frame rate. Makes it quite suitable for weak fluorescence, no matter use with epi fluorescence microscope or inverted fluorescence microscope. Also fit to microscopy applications of pathology and phase contrast.

High quantum efficiency

Spectral reponse covers 380nm~1100nm and quantum efficiency gets to 85% at wavelength of 500nm, it improves the sensor light intensity to 2000mV-1/30s Accumulation and good at tracking weak light.

Global shutter

Global shutter exposures all pixels simultaneously to eliminate image trailing especially during moving image. Exposure times covering 20μs‒42s is suitable for weak fluorescence imaging.

High frame rate

There are two models to offer different frame rate at 40fps and 160fps for different experiment request.


  • Clinical diagnose

  • Pathology: Slides, HE, IHC, TCT, etc bright field.

  • Phase contrast: Live cell, sperm, etc transparent or liquid.

  • Fluorescence: FISH, weak fluorescence, etc.

  • Embryology

  • Genetics Andrology

  • Cell biology

  • Neurosicence

  • IVF

Item MS23 MS23-H
Resolution & Frame rate 1920X1200@ 40FPS 1920X1200@ 160FPS
1920X1080@ 40FPS 1920X1080@ 160FPS
960X600(SUM2)@40FPS 960X600(SUM2)@160FPS
Any size of ROI Any size of ROI
*SENSOR 1/1.2” color Sony sensor
*Effective resolution 1920H×1200V (2.3MP)
*Scanning mode Progress scan
*Pixel size 5.86μm×5.86μm
A/D convert 8bit
*Sensitivity 2000mV-1/30s Accumulation
*Spectral response 380-1100nm
Shutter type Global shutter
*Exposure time 20μs‒42s
Internal cache 64MB
Effective gain 1-100X
Trigger Software
Acquire mode Continuous output
*Exposure control Manual/ Auto/Area
*White balance Manual/ One push/ Area
Capture image mode BMP,JPG,PNG,TIF
Controllable programs camera working speed, image size,capture mode,exposure time, gain, eliminate flash, GAMMA, contrast, RGB gain,saturation,black balance, sharpness
*Support OS Windows XP(32bit); Win7(32/64bit) WIN832bit/64bit),WIN1032bit/64bit
*Software interface TWAINDirectShow
*Data interface USB3.0 5GB/s
Power Consumption USB5V power supplyno external power circuit
Working temperature 0~50℃
Working humidity 10%-90%no condensation
*Optical adapter C-mount

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