21.0MP Microscope camera MSX11

MSX11 is MSHOT latest highest resolution digital microscope camera, it takes use of high performance ISP imaging sensor, optimize for microscope imaging applications. The camera accurately reproduce color and object fine details. Through hardware improving speed, it works smooth and faster even under super high resolution, good to fluorescence imaging, pathology diagnose, metallurgical analysis, stereo observation and other microscope observation.

Large sensor with ISP processor

Hardware takes use of ISP processer promotes sensor property, based on sensor of 4/3 inch and 3.3μm*3.3μm pixel, the camera brings excellent color reproduction, sharp details, high sensitivity to light and high effiency into play. The large scale of sensor increases optical system field of view wider than 22mm.

Super high resolution & Frame rate

Full resolution of 21.0 megapixels and run with 21FPS image processing speed, maximum increaseing frame rate to 97FPS by optional decreased resolution mode, it achieves real high clarity and real smooth working.

Area of application

Scientific research microscopy imaging purpose of life science, pathlogy, medicine, metrology, polarization, dark field, phase contrast and other research experiments.

Item MSX11
Effective resolution 21.0 Megapixels
Resolution 5280*3956
Sensor size 4/3 inch
Pixel size 3.3 um*3.3 um
Max. Frame rate 21FPS@5280*3956
Any size of ROI
Exposure time 23us ~ 26s
Effective gain 1~16X
Spectral response 380nm  650nm
Working mode Progressive / continuous
Trigger Software
Exposure Electronic rolling
A / D convert 12Bit
Exposure function Manual / Auto / Zone
White balance Auto / One push / Zone
Image format TIF, BMP, JPG, RAW
Image cache 128MB
Software port DirectShow / TWAIN
Operating OS Windows XP 32Bit, Windows 7/8/10 32/64Bit
Data port USB3.0 5Gbps B type
Power supply USB 5V 
Work surrounding Temperature:040℃, humidity:10%90%RHno 
Shell size 108.5mm*106.5mm*62.5mm

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