Broad-spectrum LED Light Source
Broad-spectrum LED light source of fluorescence microscope and bright field microscope

MG series broad-spectrum LED light source is a high power for fluorescence microscope, it is used to instead of traditional mercury light source. Get together 9 pieces and 16 pieces LED bulbs in one unit to achieve multiple wavelength lighting. The light source is less give out heating, longer working life and not much maintenance needed, which is satisfied for higher requirement microscope users especially scientific research. It is workable for Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss, Mshot brands and accept customize for other brands microscope.


  • Long working life over 10,000 hours

  • Real high power 50W and 150W for high bright 

  • Easy and free use for different wavelength fluorescence 

  • Continuously adjustable brightness with rotatable knob

  • No need preheating or cooling, open to use

  • Safety, environment friendly and human friendly

  • Coated precision-cast aluminium with vented design

  • Available for different brands microscope

Workable microscope

Covering most famous brands microscopes of Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss, and workable with the items which has fluorescence attachment and filters.

Item MG-30 MG-100
Light source host Broad-spectrum cover excitation wavelength from 350nm-760nm, output intensity is adjustable
Light source control box Max out put power: 50W Max out put power: 120W
Power line 8P airline adapter
Standard adapter For Olympus microscope

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