Tablet camera MD28-W
11.6 inch Windows tablet camera MD28-W

MD28-W is a LCD tablet display camera with Wifi, the camera has 16 megapixels resolution, fast frame rate 30fps keeps smooth image view, it is equipment with 11.6 inch big screen in Windows 10 OS, and integrated with functional image analysis software. User can control the camera by touch screen and mouse, share the image to other monitor by HDMI port, copy images to other save device through USB2.0 data port and TF card. It is quite convenience for education, industry and biological labs to share microscope images at side.


  • Touch screen integrated with WIFI

  • 16 megapixels

  • USB2.0, HDMI port with TF card slot

  • Smart UI and software

  • No need PC

Area of application

  • Education

  • Entry level biological slide

  • Industry material

  • Agriculture

  • Primary veterinary

Windows tablet screen camera Item MD28-W
Screen size 11.6 inch
Sensor size 1/2.3 inch
Effective resolution 16 megapixels
Frame rate 30fps@1080P
Output data USB2.0HDMITFintegrated WIFI
Pixel size 1.335um×1.335um
Power line DC-12V/2A
Image analysis function UI interface Digitization, Mouse controllable, User friendly design
Marking functions Point coordinates, cross lines,coordinate systems,text annotations
Measurement function Line length, fold line length, curve length, parallel line distance, point to line distance
Distance between two circle center Radius set circle, two-point set circle, three-point set circle
Geometric measurement Line length, radius, two points circle, three points circle, concentric circle
Geometric area Polygon, Square
Image snapshot Support 16 megapixels image capture
Record video Support 1080P video

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