Olympus BX53 cell fluorescence Imaging
release time:2021-01-29

The Olympus BX53 is using UIS2 optical system to offer excellent precision and clarity. The entire optical path is fit to fluorescence imaging. As a standard microscope for laboratory and clinical purpose, the BX53 supports both of bright field and fluorescence in high standard. Additional, there are many accessories and objectives to satisfy today users' requirment.


The trinocular optimal observation head supports BX53 can connect with a variety of cameras. sCMOS camera is the latest technology digital camera designed for research level microscopes do standard fluorescence imaging. Such as FITC, TRITC and DAPI, those mostly widely used fluorescein in routine laboratory microscopy work.


Mshot MS60 is high resolution sCMOS camera to provide large field view, it makes user can see as large area as possible of the sample. Using with Mshot professional digital microscopy analysis software, user can combine the different fluorescence color image into one 3D image through fusion RBG.


We take stained cell as example
Olympus BX53 microscope
MSHOT MS60 sCMOS camera
USH100 fluorescence illumination
UPLFLN fluorescence objective 40X
0.5X C-mount adapter
Mshot digital microscopy imaging analysis software


MS60-FITC-BX53-USH100-UPLFLN 40X-0.5XC-gain 11-621ms


MS60-TRITC-BX53-USH100-UPLFLN 40X-0.5XC-gian 11- 443ms




RBG combination
MS60-BX53-USH100-UPLFLN 40X-0.5XC-API-FITC-TRITC combine-MShot software


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