Biological microscope ML31
Routine biological microscope with trinocular observation tube ML31

MSHOT ML31 biological microscope received positive feeback from medical and educational area, it offers superior optical performance with excellent cost-effciency. Plan achromatic objectives are flat and clear in view, bring microscope users high contrast and sharpness image. Wide field of view eyepiece is high efficiency for microscopy work. The illumination employs cold LED light has high bright and stable lighting. Rigid and durable construction makes the microscope maintains high performance even after long time using. More with 0.5X C-mount adapter for user to connect digital camera freely, mostly reproduce equal image in eyepiece.


  • Infinity Corrected achromatic optical system

  • Infinity plan achromatic objectives

  • Eyepiece filed of view 22mm, diopter adjustable

  • Head with 100% light for eyepiece or camera.

  • 0.5X C-mount adapter for big field of view close to eyepiece view.

  • LED lamp color temperature around 4300K

  • Stage slider holder can hold double pieces slide at one time.

  • Can expand to polarizing and fluorescence function.


  • Biology slides

  • Blood, sperm, TCT, IHC, tissue

  • Pathology

  • Education

  • Medicine material

  • Plant

Optical system Infinity Corrected Achromatic optical system
Observation tube Hinged Trinocular tube,  30° inclined, interpupillary distance 53mm-75mm
Eyepiece Wide field plan eyepiece WF10X / FN22mm , high eyepoint
Optional eyepiece Wide field plan eyepiece WF16X/ F.N.15mm
Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece with inward tilt
Objective Infinity plan achromat objectives
4X, NA0.1, working distance 21.5mm
10X, NA0.25, working distance 7.5mm
40X, NA0.60, working distance 0.65mm
100X(oil), NA1.25, working distance 0.185mm
Optional objectives Plan achromat 20X, NA0.40
Condenser Abbe condenser  NA1.25
Focus Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with limit stopper and lock device
Stage height movement (coarse movement stroke: 24mm)
Stroke per rotation: 40mm
Microstroke per rotation: 0.2mm
Stage Double-deck mechanical stage, size 210×140mm, moving range 76mm×50mm slider holder can hold double pieces slides at one time
Transmitted light White LED, brightness adjustable
Power line International standard
Adapter 1X C-mount adapter
Optional adapter 0.5X C-mount adapter

Optional Accessories

Eyepiece Wide field plan eyepiece WF16X/ F.N.15mm(optional)
Objective Plan achromat 20X, NA0.40
Plan achromat non-cover glass objective 20X, 40X
Semi plan achromat 4X,10X,20X,40X,100X
Fluorescence objective 4X,10X,20X,40X,100X
Polarization Simple polarizer plate and analyzer plate
LED Epi-Fluorescence illumination MF-B-LED / MF-RB-LED/MF-UV-LED/MF-G-LED
blue Ex 460~490nm/royal blue Ex 420~480nm/UV Ex330~380nm/Green Ex 510~550nm
MF-BGU-LED blue, green and UV excitation
Heating stage TP R200-M surrounding temperature ~ 50℃, 165x113cm

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