Routine Microscopes
Biological microscope ML31

• Routine level

• Trinocular observation head

• Infinite corrected achromatic optical system

• LED lighting

• Field of view 22mm

Biological microscope ML11

• Entry-level

• 160mm length of observation tube

• LED light source

• Binocular/trinocular observation head

• Achromat objective

• Field of view 18mm

Biological microscope ML10

• Entry-level

• 160mm length of observation tube

• Binocular/trinocular observation head

• 50% : 50% light division of photographing and eyepiece

• Field of view 18mm

• Achromat objectives

Biological Microscope ML51-N

• Equivalent to Olympus BX

• Research grade biological microscope

• Trinocular head with 25mm wide field of view

• Flexible upgrade to fluorescence, phase contrast, dark field, polarizing, metallurgical

Inverted biological microscope MI52-N

• Routine level

• Bright field and phase contrast

• Camera port on side of the body with 0.75X C-mount adapter

• LED light source

• Field of view 22mm

Cell Factory Microscope MI52-CF

● Excellent infinity optical system, can realize bright field and phase contrast observation

● Observe non-contaminated cultured cells on high culture dishes or cylindrical flasks

Stereo microscope MZ62

• Total magnification 6.7X~45X, zoom ratio 6.7:1

• 50% : 50% light path for eyepiece and photographing

• Working distance 105mm

• Field of view 22mm

• Reflected & transmitted illumination

Stereo microscope MZ101

• Total magnification 7X~63X, zoom ratio 9:1

• Working distance 110mm

• Reflected & transmitted lighting

• Field of view 22mm

Polarizing microscope MP20

• Simple polarizing microscope

• Achromatic objectives

• Transmitted illumiation of 6V 20W halogen lamp

• Field of view 18mm

Polarizing microscope MP41

• Professional polarization

• Strain-free plan achromatic objective

• λ ,λ/4 and quarts wedge compensator

• Reflected & transmitted lighting

• 6V30W halogen lamp

• Field of view 22mm

Metallurgical microscope MJ31

• Routine level

• Infinity plan achromat optical system

• LED light for reflected & transmitted lighting

• Field of view 22mm

• Simple polarizer and analyzer

Metallurgical microscope MJ33

• Bright field and dark field

• Infinity plan achromatic bright or dark field long work distance objectives

• Halogen lamp for reflected & transmitted lighting

• Polarizer and analyzer

Metallurgical microscope MJ43

• Research grade metallurgical microscope equivalent to Olympus BX

• Semi-apochromatic Plan Fluor EPI metallurgical objective

• Sextuple turret attachment with polarizer and analyzer

• Broad-spectrum LED light source of reflected & transmitted lighting

• Universal Infinity-corrected optical system

Inverted metallurgical microscope MJ42

• Entry-level

• Infinity plan achromatic with long working distance objectives

• Bright field & dark field

• Halogen lamp for transmitted illumination

• Field of view 22mm

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