Stereo-fluorescence microscope MZX11
Digital monocular stereo-fluorescence microscope MZX11

Digital monocular fluorescence microscope MZX11 is consist of continues zoom lens, monocular observation tube, fluorescence illumination and camera. Combine coaxial reflected fluorescence illumination with high sensitivity camera, the microscope presents fluorescence images in high definition and high clarity. Modular structure is flexible to expand and change according to users’ application purpose, allow different magnification, field view and imaging resolution, while achieve accurate focusing distance at the same time. Comparing with complex fluorescence microscopy system , the monocular system provides simple, easy to use and cost-effective solution. It is widely used for applications of bio-medical, electronic device, industry inspection, forenic, mineral study, nondestructive detection and other digital microscope observation for inspection and measurement. 


  • Zoom ratio continuous adjustable along with coaxial focusing.

  • Coaxial reflected LED fluorescence illuminator, open and close at any time.

  • High definition optical imaging but low deformation.

  • Compact structure, module are flexible and easy to install and change.

  • Space occupation is smaller and cost is better compared to traditional fluorescence microscope.


Flexbile integrated with optical system for observation of stereo object and slide specimen features stained with fluorophores.

Objective 1X Plan achromat objective, working distance:88mm
Zoom unit Zoom ratio: 6.4:1 (0.7X-4.5X)
Zoom graduation: 0.7, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5
Imaging magnification 25X-160X (1X objective-1.9 inch screen)
Magnification calculation: standard zoom * objective zoom * screen size/1.9)
Reflected fluorescence illuminator Excitation cube: Blue
Excitation wavelength: 460~490nm
Camera adapter C-mount
Base size 260x290x55mm
Microscope camera MS23 (2.3MP, 1/1.2, USB3.0)
                                                                          Optional accessories
Objective 4X plan objective, working distance 22mm
Reflected fluorescence illuminator Excitation cube: UV, excitation wavelength:330~380nm
Excitation cube: Green, excitation wavelength: 510~550nm
Digital camera MS60(6.3MP,1/1.8, USB3.0)

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