Metallurgical microscope MJ31
Routine metallurgical microscope MJ31

MJ31 is a microscope suitable for observation of transparent and non transparent object, it has transmitted and reflected lighting system, both are takes use of cool LED lamp with less thermal after long time working, to offer better clarity. The epi-illumination is kohler lighting and internet set polarization components to achieve polarizing observation. Objectives are long working distance and compatible to glass slide has cover glass and sample without cover glass.What is more, it is flexible expand to dark-field observation if needed. The microscope is good to use for bio-science, metal industry, geology, electronics and etc.


  • Infinite plan achromat optical system, total magnification 50X~1000X.

  • Light path 0%/100% for eyepiece and photographing.

  • White LED lighting for reflected illumination and transmitted illumination.

  • It is available with common polarization observation.


  • Modular design is convenience for common lab working

  • Up and down lighting works for transparent and non-trasparent object

  • 360° rotatable polarization plate offers various polarization light

  • LED light source is instant on-off, safety to lab and users

Area of application

It is mainly used in semiconductor, FPD, circuit board, metal materials, precision cutting tools and other manufacturing fields, suitable for teaching and research.

Observation Hinged trincoular head with 30°inclined,  interpupillary distance 53~75mm
Light path 0%/100% for eyepiece and photographing
Eyepiece Adjustable wide field plan eyepiece, 10X/22mm
Epi-illumination system Kohler illumination
White LED lamp, brightness adjustable
Filters: Green, yellow, blue and gross glass
Push-pull analyzer and polarizer
Aperture diaphragm and field diaphragm
Nosepiece Quintuple backward
Objectives Long working distance plan objectives
L Plan 5X, NA 0.15, working distance 23.6mm
L Plan 10X, NA 0.30, working distance 17.7mm
L Plan 20X, NA 0.40, working distance 10.4mm
L Plan 50X, NA 0.55, working distance 7.0mm
L Plan 100X, NA 0.80, working distance 3.2mm, no cover glass
Focusing system Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment with limit stopper and lock device
Coarse stroke per rotation 40mm, microstroke per rotation: 0.2mm, focusing stroke 24mm
Condenser Lifting type Abbe condenser NA1.25
With adjustable aperture diaphragm
Stage Double-deck mechanical stage, size 210x140mm, travel distance 75x50mm
Transmitted illumination 3W white LED, brightness adjustable
Camera adapter 1X C-mount adapter
Optional adapter 0.5X/0.75X C-mount adapter

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