Back-illuminated Mono Cooling Camera MSH20
Back-illuminated monochrome sCMOS camera MSH20

MSH20 is a monochrome camera in super sensitivity, it has 95% QE quantum efficiency to get faster speed and excellent noise radio, spectral response is from 200nm to 1300n, optional with cooling, all the features make the camera is superior on microscope imaging, and outstanding when applied to life science, spectral analysis, astronomical observation and other advanced technology research area.

2 inch super scale sensor offers super view

The 2 inch large area array has larger photosensitive area and better imaging property, which brings a larger field of vision for the observer and provides a more direct full field observation effect.

Super QE monochrome camera & Wider spectral reponse

Monochrome camera has higer quantum efficiency (EQ) and popular to fluorescence microscopy imaging. QE is the probability of photons converted into photoelectrons at a certain wavelength, which is related to the wavelength. The quantum efficiency of MSH20 has reached 95% at the wavelength of 560nm, super wide spectral reponse cover 200nm~1100nm.

Item MSH20
Type Monochrome
Effective megapixels 4.2 megapixels
Sensor size 2 inch
Pixel size 11 μm × 11 μm
Resolution and frame rate 2048 × 2048 24fps
Any size of ROI
Exposure time 0.021ms  20s
Dynamic range >93dB
Full well capacity 93Ke-
Read out noise 1.47e-
Spectral wavelength 200nm  1100nm
Shutter type Electronic rolling Shutter
Cooling mode (optional) Semiconductor cooling mode/ Not cooling
Exposure function Manual exposure / Auto exposure / Zone exposure
Image format TIF, BMP,JPG,RAW
Software data DirectShow / TWAIN
Operating system Windows XP 32Bit, Windows 7/8/10 32/64Bit
Data port USB3.0 B type port5Gbps
Camera port Standard C mount
Power supply USB 5V electrical supply
Working temperature Working temperature050℃Working humidity10%85%RH
Size 105 x 105 x 92 mm

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