Fluorescence microscope MF43-N
Research-level upright fluorescence microscope MF43-N

MF43-N is a research-grade fluorescence microscope latest developed by Mshot with equivalent performance to Olympus BX43. The microscope adopts excellent quality infinity optical system and maximum fit to six fluorescence filter cubes. Meanwhile, the microscope can expand to multiple observation methods of phase contrast, dark field, polarizing and DIC observation. It is compatible with electrical stage and device. Function of light intensity manager controls brightness eliminates light intensity adjustments when switching magnifications.The microscope is standard used for laboratory and clinical microscopy especially FISH, FRET and CTC.


  • LIM function:The light intensity manager sets brightness settings according to the specific objective.

  • Light action and low torque stage reduced operator force to move the specimen.

  • Modular design and environmental friendly LED light source providing 5-channels excitation lighting.

  • Super wide field of view observation tube offers FN26.5.

  • Flexible expand with dark field, phase contrast, DIC and polarizing functions.


  • Research grade fluorescence microscopy observation such FISH, FRET and CTC.

  • Bright field applications of pathlogy, clinical, medical research and etc.

  • Phase contrast observation of cell, living bacteria and other trasparent specimens.

  • Dark field observation method for tiny details.

  • Felxible expand with DIC components for 3D imaging.

Sextuple fluorescence module

Matched with high-quality band-pass filter group, high performance filter can make fluorescence observation more efficient, bright and even. The filter groups can be replaced without tools.

Semi-Apochromat FLN objective

Adopt multi-layer coating technology, specially designed for high resolution and high contrast imaging, the fluorescence performance of high sensitivity ensures the sharpness, clarity and color reduction of the collected image.

Fluorescence illuminating system

Long life, wide spectrum and high power LED light source, not only brightness is uniform but also is easy to maintain. Covers the wavelength range of 350nm-740nm, which can be turned on or off without preheating.

Light intensity management

The light intensity management sets the light intensity matching with different objectives. From low to high times it keeps the same brightness of field of vision. No need to adjust the light intensity manually and repeatedly.

Low torque stage

The low fixed stage and objective focusing device improves operation comfort, tiny hand movements can easily adjust the position of the specimen and reduce operation fatigue.

Microscope frame Optical system Universal Infinity-corrected achromat optical system
Structure Original from international famous brand microscope
Observation Super widefield trinocular head
Wide field eyepiece 10X, FN25,diopter is adjustable
Optional eyepiece 10X,FN23.5
Revolving nosepiece Interchangeable reversed quintuple nosepiece
Objectives Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 4X/0.13 ;WD:17.15mm
Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 10X/0.3 ;WD:7.68mm
Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 40X/0.75 ;WD:0.78mm
Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 100XO/1.30 ;WD:0.15mm
Optional objectives Infinity plan semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective M-UPLFLN 20X/0.50
Plan Fluor 4X/10X/20X/40X/100X Oil
Epi-fluorescence illumination system Turret accommodates maximum sextuple filter block cubes 
Blue, Green and UV filters
Digital touch screen LED light control box, AC110V/220V
100W broad-spectrum LED light source
Filter units Wavelength
FB-U-M EX:375/30nm,DM:415nm,EM:460/50nm
FB-B-M EX:475/30nm,DM:505nm,EM:530/40nm
FB-Y-M EX:560/40nm,DM:600nm,EM:610LPnm
Optional illuminating system Merucry 100W HG mercury light box, center and focusing distance are adjustable
Digital control mercury light control box, AC110V/220V
Osram HBO 100W DC mercury lamp
Modular LED

MF-LED fluorescence attachment

BGY/BYU/BGUR filters

4 individual channels

MG120: 4 channels LED illuminator, excitation peak 365nm/385nm/395nm,460nm, 520nm/560nm, 625nm

Stage Ceramic-coated coaxial stage with left or right hand low drive control: with rotating mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism, optional rubber grips available
Travel distance 80mm×50mm, 1mm per scale, accuracy 0.1mm
Focus 25 mm stage stroke with coarse adjustment limit stopper, torque adjustment for coarse adjustment
knobs, stage mounting position variable, minimum adjustment gradations: 1 µm
Transmitted illumination system Warm white LED lamp, brightness is continuously adjustable
Abbe condenser, N.A. 1.1
Power line According to user’s country electrical requirement
Screw driver M3.0 hexagon screw driver
Accessories Immersion oil
Dust cover MSHOT special dust cover
Optional adapters 1X/0.5X/0.75X C-mount adapter

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