Biological microscope ML10
Entry-level biological microscope ML10

Biological microscope ML10 is a basic optical biological microscope with LED transmitted illumination. It is equipment with trinocular head supports microscope camera. The biological microscope is easy to operate.  It's an ideal laboratory microscope for education and widely used in the field of agriculture. 


  • Trinocular tube 50%:50% light division, can see image in eyepiece and PC at the same time.

  • Articulated head, anti-fungus, 360°rotatable.

  • 160mm tube length.

  • LED light source with 20,000 hours working life.

  • Bottom stage width 170mm, length 22mm, save store space.

Eyepiece One pair wide field WF10X(FN:18mm)
Objectives 4X/0.1,10X/0.25,40X/0.65Spring),100X/1.25Spring,oil
Total magnification 40X~1000X
Observation tube Articulated trinocular headanti-fungus50%:50% light division,inclination of 30°360°rotatableInterpupillary distance48-75mm
Nosepiece In tilted quadrupleanti-fungus
Condenser Abby condenser N.A=1.25 with aperture iris diaphragm, filter and gear adjustment system
Focus system Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, moving range 24mm, Minimum graduation in fine movement: 2μm
Stage Double layer stage, size 132X142mm, moving range 75mmX40mm
Illumination 220V 3W high power LED cold lighting with brightness adjustment, long working life
Voltage AC220V±10%),50HZ

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